November 20, 2013 Administrasian

A 97-Year-Old Man The Pixel Painter

The Pixel Painter from The Pixel Painter on Vimeo.

This man. Probably the coolest guy on earth. This gent, Hal “Grandpa” Lasko was a talented typographer in his day and painted in his spare time. He developed a condition where he was blind in the center of his vision as he became older. His grandson bought him a computer back in the day and showed him MS Paint off of the Windows 95 OS. Grandpa was left alone with his machine and began making wonderful creations. So, his grandson, Ryan Lasko teamed up with Josh Bogdan set out to tell the world Hal’s story.

This guy knows what’s up. He creates wonderful digital paintings showing each pixel and just makes them for the sake of making them. It’s his passion and I have so much respect for that. Making because you love. [screw] the hype. Bring the passion.

Definitely check out his website at

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