August 28, 2013 Administrasian

Always Flossin’

So here it is. It took me one week and I’ve already gone through and modified my bike.
I do believe I have a serious problem.




Modding cars my whole life how could I not do it to the very bike I commute to school with?

New bullhorn handle bars, brown bar tape, brown saddle, painted my the wheel set matte gold, and took off the majority of the factory stickers.

Decided to take my camera along with me for last night’s bike session.
I really wanted to find a better backdrop but the sun was already dropping more than I had liked.
So I found the first open parking lot I ran across on my exploration and snapped off about a dozen photos and the sun was gone.

Nikon D700
85mm f/1.4D

And as always, after and before processing for those who are interested.
Just bringing some tone to the lost information in the highlights, a bit of that hipster treatment with some noise, and tossed in some extra yellows from that sunset, and some red/blue kick in the shadows.



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