Praise the Lowered

Last night I headed up to Wichita, KS and visited a fellow by the name of Jon Hanson at his bud’s house. Jon recently purchased a sweet Mercedes 2400 Diesel and it’s a retro wet dream. He anticipated dropping the car by cutting the OEM springs so that it would sit a little bit lower until he gathers the resources to put this ride on an air bag suspension.

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Last Friday I set sail to Kansas City to photograph Josh Wang’s BMW E92 335i coupe. Definitely a neat little car. Had a twin turbo application with an M3 front bumper and a blacked out kidney grill. Solid dude for sure and a neat little 3 series BMW. I showed up to his place and he had just got done detailing his car. I climbed into his car and he asked, “Where should we go?”

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Hometown Fit

Over the weekend I went down to Garden City, KS to see my family and hammer out a senior portrait session.┬áThe last location we visited was some cement factory with plenty of dirt mounds and “industrial ruin porn” sort of locations that photographers like myself just absolutely love.

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