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Desert Touge : Fiat 500 Car Rental

I recently took a break from life and visited Arizona with my girlfriend Sarah Terranova aka Cucina & Camera. We flew in from KC and arrived in Phoenix late at night and the first thing we had to do was pick a rental car.




Since it was already night time most of the cars had already been picked out of the selection. Since I am only 24 years of age we could only pick from the compact/economy cars. Just the way I like it.

After looking through the twelve or so cars I decided on the most ridiculous and most fun looking car to drive. This car was the Fiat 500. A european super compact coupe. 40 miles to the gallon and extremely and surprisingly spacious on the inside.

After hitting up the desert canyon side I felt pretty confident in the Fiat’s maneuverability. It was real go-karty. Tightest turn radius in the world and just overall completely ridiculous.

But driving around I wanted to take advantage of the desert backdrop and the only things I had to shoot was this Fiat. So, what the hell, let’s make a car shoot out of the trip while Sarah and I are exploring. After every scenic stop we made, she went and photographed the amazingly gorgeous sites and I got wrapped up in looking how I could shoot the car.

The lack of shadows in Arizona was nothing I’d ever encountered. I’d say 90% of the world there was in direct sunlight and there was nowhere to hide a car with shade. So I decided to use it to my advantage and use the harsh Arizona sunlight.

The results were surprisingly awesome. This is also one of the first times I’ve shot a car during the day without light painting and I actually really enjoyed myself.

That Arizona sunlight. Awful for portraits. Pretty awesome for cars.

Definitely reminded me that all you need is a good location, attention to light, and a clean car. You don’t need a million lights and five hundred lenses. I didn’t even have a circular polarizer filter. I was on vacation. One camera. One 50mm lens. One 28mm lens. Arizona desert. Fiat rental car. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Red rocks, son. Clean and simple.


Faking rig shots. Definitely cheesy but experimentation never hurts.
Ghost ride the whip, son!


That harsh Arizona sunlight. <3 Arizona adventure photos coming soon. I'm out. #asiandowork

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