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Internship day 110: Chiefs vs Chargers

First game I’ve been able to shoot since the BYE week. It’s been almost a month of not shooting football and things this time around were a lot different.




The biggest difference, which I thought was a big bummer, was that I didn’t shoot any tail gaiting. I was assigned to help shoot a group portrait before the game and it took up my time that I normally would have spent in the thick of the parking lots. The group shot? Chiefs Cheerleader Alumni from all ages and times.

Only an iPhone photo, but it was a real interesting experience to say the least.
Second difference in this game… it was probably like 14 degrees outside.

By the time I got out to the field I realized that the ground was covered in frost. I thought it had actually snowed a little on the field. Turns out, there was a tarp over the field to protect it from the elements. This tarp had been staying on for at least a few weeks and my suspicions lead me to believe that some moisture had collected underneath the tarp and as it had been cooling down to below freezing temperatures, things became more harsh underneath than it was on the outside.

And then I realized this.

Ice, from somewhere, was pushed up to the walls of the stadium floor all around the dome. Not entirely sure where it came from but I am just going to guess that things were more frozen than I had originally thought with the combination of, “Yes, it is in fact colder than you think it really is.”

As my fascination of the cold quickly ran out, I was left with wanting to photograph something. The absence of tail gaiting photos felt like I hadn’t warmed up before the game, so I went around shooting a few things here and there of the production side of football. A “Behind the scenes” type of thing. So I shot cameras and rigs and things of that nature.

Unfortunately, before the I could dive deeper into photographing whatever I wanted to photograph, the game was nearing it’s start, so I ran over to the tunnel and prepped myself for the intro.

Another huge change that I was unaware of was that the media was roped off from the introduction section of the game. Essentially what happens is that there is a huge smoke screen that starts and cheerleaders run out and get into a certain formation so that the players could run in from behind and run through this path the cheerleaders have made. Well, the media didn’t know exactly where the formation was being put so they would more or less be completely in the way. So they roped us off.

The biggest thing I didn’t know, which I should’ve payed way more attention to, was the fact that after the cheerleader formation was made, the rope would be let down and media could follow inbetween the cheerleaders. I was looking through my camera and waiting that I didn’t realize that the rope had come down until a nice gentleman “stepped in my shot.”

I don’t think I’ve ran faster than I did in my life. I got up next to a cheerleader and shot away.

And damn. I complained a lot about these flames cannons and how they burned my hairs… this was probably the best feeling in the world. Definitely looking forward to being closer to this thing next home game. Toasty for sure.

When the game had started I noticed one thing and one thing only. These cast shadows are kind of harsh and this light feels really soft. In sports photography, I love shadows casted by players on the field. It really adds some dimension to a shot but, as a photographer, I love me some soft light. This light felt like it was a combination of both. In reality, probably just really even harsh light.

Love me some symmetry.

All in all, not a great game for me as far as photographic content/execution/compositions. I have no images that I am completely in love with but this definitely wasn’t a terrible turnout in images. Good or not, Andy Reid was not impressed by my images.

And for that, I apologize, Mr. Head Coach Andy Reid. I’m out.

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