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Internship Day 117: Chiefs vs Broncos

Sad to say but this is the second to last post on the Chiefs for me this season. Reason being, well, the Chiefs only have one more home game and it’ll be the last game I will be photographing for my internship with them. Sad realization for sure.




But enough about that. This last Sunday the Kansas City Chiefs played the Denver Broncos at Arrowhead Stadium. And much like any of my adventures, I started my day out photographing the heart of what drives this team. The fans. Tailgating time!

“These are not the fans you are looking for”

I’m a huge fan of oldschool things. This vehicle is definitely a throwback.

And on that note, I called it a day with tailgating.

When I decided to call it a day, I went back inside to the photo work station. One of the photographers that shoots with us called in sick. He also said he had dropped off his camera straps and photographer’s waist belt a few days before and said anyone could use them. Since I have no quick straps of my own, I decided to use his. The strap that I equipped with the Black Rapid DR-1 dual strap system. It’s a super handy piece of equipment that helps you when you’re on the go, carrying two bodies, and constantly switching. It’s also way safer than the method I have been using using the original Nikon straps that came with my cameras. Takes all the load off of your neck and guarantees things won’t slip when compared to just slinging a camera around your shoulder. Makes me feel way more confident I won’t drop anything when I run around and also allows me to simply drop cameras when I’m switching from one camera to the other.

Anyway, explanation aside, I couldn’t figure the strap out for a while. Since I had never actually used one prior to this game, I was fiddling around trying to get my settings. Then I realized pregame was starting. I finally got my straps readied, sprinted out the doors and then BAM. Straight into the back of a player as a turned the corner. The hallway I generally leave through was filled with Chiefs player. I’m in an area I’m not supposed to be without the proper credentials. Screw it. I’ll stay here and take photos anyway.

Right after this photo security came up to me and yelled at me to get out of the spot. I politely waved my hand and ran around, very awkwardly, probably on TV, and back around to where I was supposed to be at. I have a slight suspicion that I was at a spot I wasn’t supposed to be at since no one was around me, but it was more out of the way than I previously was.

Definitely one of my favorites from this internship.

I really wish I had captured the impact to make that Denver player flip like that.

Definitely not an amazing sports photo at all, I was just intrigued by the sky cam and how it was maneuvering around the entire field.

Fourth quarter of this game was an interesting one. It’s where I got the majority of my shots. With that being said, it’s also the most intense quarter I sat through in the entirety of me shooting football. I think I almost got hit more times in that one quarter than I ever had in the whole career of me shooting sports. It’s like I told them, “YO I’M OPEN.”

“Oh, that’s nice.”

“Chill… Chill… I think it’s time to stop shooting and get up now.”

Video & Slo-Mo courtesy of Michael Strickland Images via his iPhone.

But this continued to happen over and over again in the fourth quarter. I was lucky and even managed to dodge a missile that was thrown at me from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith. It hit the photographer next to me, right on the inside of the left thigh. I thought I was safe.

“Oh hey,┬áKansas City Chiefs running back Knile Davis.”


“Oh hey,┬áKansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster.”

“Where you headed, bud?”

“Nah, it’s good, he’ll curve and go straight”

“$*!%, I should stop.”

“Meh, I’ll keep shooting even while I’m stopping myself from shooting”

And eventually, things did die down and I felt like I was in the clear again. Back to consistent shooting mode.”

I’m just a huge sucker for line shots like this. Couldn’t help myself.

“He’s throwing it my way isn’t he?”

“The answer is yes.”

“Hi there, Head Coach Andy Reid, Travis Young from Rice Bowl Diaries blog, ‘sup with your players trying to hurt me or are you simply testing my ninja skills?”

-“Ninja skills, pfft. You say silly things, you silly Asian you.”

Unhurt. Unscratched. FLEXIN’.
I’m out.

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