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Internship Day 138: Chiefs vs Colts

So, here it is, the very last Chiefs home game post I will ever do as a photography intern for the Kansas City Chiefs. Sad for sure, but I was super excited to get at it. It was my last chance to grab everything I didn’t previously get. To me, this was my final summary, the end all be all, to gather my skills from this whole semester and to unleash it into this one last home game.




There was bad weather to be expected the day before the game and I was hoping that some fatty snowflakes would be floating in the air when I shot for this last game. Unfortunately, the sky and ground was pretty much clear. The hope for a bad weather shooting was not in sight. So, I got over it, and decided I’d make up for it at the tailgate.

Snow was piled pretty high on the sides of the roads. It was fairly brisk and a little windy, which basically resulted in the very few people at tailgate. I’d probably say that a 1/4 of what was pretty normal for this season showed up. And that bummed me out. A lot actually. My last hurrah for image making and 3/4 of the tailgaters were absent. So, revision in plans, I just had to seek a little harder. So I just focused on how cold everyone was.

As bummed as I was about the lack of bodies to scrounge through, I probably wouldn’t have pulled off this shot below if it wasn’t as quite as it was. I ran into this gentleman and asked if I could get a photo of him. He kindly agreed and then I asked if he could stand at a certain spot while I run across and snag a portrait of him doing exactly what he was doing. Probably nothing too cool, but I just loved that I had enough room to do this. It wasn’t until now that I’m going through these images that I wish I would’ve taken more advantage of the situation with more folks.

This fine gent serenaded me with a Chiefs chant and drum piece. Thank you, good sir.


Peeped indeed I did. Sucker is damn huge.

At this point I decided I had made enough laps and realized that no one was spending time in the parking lot and  everyone was basically waiting in line to get inside to the stadium. So I decided to call it a day for the parking lot and head inside before everyone else.

And what did I find?

It was actually colder in the stands, it was slippery everywhere, the wind made everything exponentially colder in the upper decks, and the seats were frozen in ice.

As fans starting coming in and finding their seats I realized I heard a lot of banging going on. I had no realization at that time of how frozen the seats actually were until I came across this lady kicking her seat to knock the ice off.

After the game started I headed down to the field and found that there was snow all over the sides. Then I hoped really hard that I wasn’t going to be “that guy” and tried as hard as possible not to slip and fall with my gear in front of everyone at Arrowhead Stadium. Then I slipped once, but nobody saw… at least I hope.

By the time the game ended I was actually pretty bummed again. I wanted this last opportunity of shooting to be the best it had been all season. For those that don’t know, the Kansas City Chiefs lost this game, 7-23. It was a pretty uneventful game on the Cheifs’ half and in turn, very hard to squeeze good imagery out of. But when I got to thinking more about it, this whole experience wasn’t about “making that one last epic post,” it was about learning how to find good imagery. And in this very case, making good imagery when it’s hard to find is what this whole internship was about. So to me, this last game was more of a test, rather than a summary, and can get down with that. Definitely not a great game for image making, but a test of my skills for sure.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, Travis Young with the Rice Bowl Diaries Blog, I guess this is our time to say our goodbyes to one another. I’m not going to be in this conference room to hang out with you after the games anymore.

Woah, hey now, I’ve come out of this a better photographer… hey, happy holidays, Mr. Head Coach Andy Reid, keep it real.

There’s my guy.
Happy Holidays everyone. Travel safe.

I’m out.

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