September 29, 2013 Administrasian

Internship Day 44: Chiefs vs Giants

So today the Kansas City Chiefs played the New York Giants at Arrowhead Stadium. My role was to just run around and hammer out images for our sponsors that are more or less just to document it’s existence.




Took up almost the entirety of the game to shoot so I didn’t actually get around to shooting football until late in the fourth quarter. So not a whole lot for this post, just a few images to note that I was around.

While running around trying to get images of everything on my sponsor list I looked down at the field and saw the special teams getting ready for a field goal. And then I realized, from all the way up where I was at, looks kinda cool actually. And to my surprise, it translates wonderfully  through a photograph. I definitely need to do this more. Love this vantage point.

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