October 1, 2013 Administrasian

Internship Day 46: Challenger Play 60

This afternoon I spent my time photographing the Challenger Play 60 event that was held by the local YMCA and the Kansas City Chiefs.




The event was promoting young and healthy children to play at least an hour a day and it was an event for special needs children and able bodies alike to participate. All these kids were so strong, and I must say, all of them were quite the tikes. This was probably the best way I could’ve ever spent wrapping up my day. It made me so happy to see these kids with a big smile on their face and for the most part absolutely destroying me on a footrace. These kids are quick!

This is my favorite shot from the night. The sun was setting and I was looking to really capture the light coming through the scenery but I knew the limitations in the dynamic range of my camera. So I decided to let the camera show me something that I couldn’t see. The shapes in the silhouettes. So I got low, stopped my aperture down, and I was very pleased by what I had captured. 

Kids make my heart warm.

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