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Internship Day 58: Chiefs vs Raiders

Today the Kansas City Chiefs played the Oakland Raiders, and damn, what a day be apart of the organization that is the the Kansas City Chiefs. So I started my day of photographing much like the others; inside of the tail gate shennanigans.




I  was walking around and a gentleman approached me saying, “Hey, you want a good photo? I’ll help you out!” and to my surprise, he lifted up his sleeve and showed me his fresh tattoo of a Kansas City Chiefs helmet forever branded onto his skin. Hats off to you, good sir, for your drive and dedication to your football team. Made for a good time photographing indeed.

Pimpin’ aint easy son.

Whoever this group is, I just want to let you know you’re doing tailgating right. Massive buffet style cookin’ with fish and all the proper fixings. They offered me some food but I had too many request and had to respectfully decline, but damn, that setup was legit. Also had a proper game of dominoes going on. Old school and classy all the way. Favorite group of folks I’ve met tailgating out here for sure.

The Kansas City Chiefs were also prepping to break a world record. Guinness world Records came out and wanted to find out the world’s loudest large open air stadium. The record to beat was set by the Seattle Seahawks which was at 136.6 decibels about a month back.

So a little lesson in decibels. A vacuum cleaner is roughly 80 decibels (db). Front row at a rock concert is roughly 110db. The “threshold of pain” starts at 130db. A military jet plane taking off is around 140db and the physical blowing and destruction of your eardrum is at 160db. They held a prep rally just to get people hyped up and to test how loud a small crowd could get right there in the parking lot. Things made it up to 127db’s and things were pretty loud.

I’m also very touched that the NFL has an amazing breast cancer awareness program. It’s BCA time, so pink ribbons and apparel were everywhere. They invited cancer survivors to the game and every single person holding the flag at the game opening was a cancer survivor. Straight hit in the feels, that’s for sure. They went a long way to support the cause and it hit home for me because my mother is also a cancer survivor. 

First record of the day, most planes in a flyover at an event. 49 jet planes. Things were pretty insane. Unfortunately, they flew really high and far right over the stadium so where I was at, I couldn’t get a proper angle to get the planes and the stadium in a single shot. Still really neat though.

For the majority of the game I was running around the upper levels of the stadium getting images for the sponsors. Since I was running around so much, whenever I could, I would shoot the game from up above and I must say, I really like shooting from a higher vantage point. It’s a really unique angle that I’m not use to generally seeing football being shot at. May have to experiment more with this in the next game.

This woman. What a trooper. Straight hit in the feels.

This shot was a complete accident. Definitely not afraid to admit that.  I was in aperture priority mode because I was close to a big shadow covering the field and didn’t want to accidentally underexpose for what laid ahead because my reactions aren’t quick enough to change settings within split seconds of one another. The Kansas City Chiefs rented a 300mm lens for me (because I don’t have that kind of money laying around to own my own) and for some strange reason, the contact pins communicating with the lens and the camera lost communication with eachother. When this happens, the aperture in the lens automatically goes to it’s smallest size and because of this and the combination of the aperture priority mode it changed the shutter to expose accordingly. It brought the shutter to a slower speed and this image happened. Though it was an accident this time, I am definitely going to play with this a lot more. I love the sense of movement and doing this more intentionally will lead to a way better execution and overall better image. Love when something like this happens.

Oh yeah, we broke that world record. Loudest open air stadium in the world. Get at it. I completely neglected to wear the ear plugs that were given to me. Definitely don’t regret it because it was a hell of an atmosphere. I found it very strange because the louder the fans got the more I noticed that normal stadium noises, music, announcers, even other people on the field started sounding like they weren’t even making noise and near the end all bunch of us on the field stopped trying to talk to one another. After just hearing nothing but crowd I got use to it and almost forgot how loud it was until about near the end of the fourth quarter, someone was yelling in my ear and I was essentially ignoring them because I couldn’t hear them over the crowd. The other photographer grabbed me by the shoulder and leaned in and yelled some more to to get my attention and I just looked over like an idiot, “WHAT?” Such a crazy experience.

Happy head coach, Andy Reid. 6-0. I’m out.

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