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Internship Day 62: Auction Items

Today at the internship we had a last minute request to photograph autographed items that were going to be auctioned off for charity. The equipment ranged from gloves, shoes, hats, towels, practice jerseys, you name, they have it up for auction.




Unfortunately, the studio that we have at the facility was recently put out of commission for the photography side and so my boss put me in charge of figuring something out.

So I went to the stadium’s basement and set up and extremely crude product shoot in the media workroom. My boss’s lights were these pretty rad Speedotron lights. Super fancy, super old, but waaay fancier than what I normally play with. I used a bounce umbrella as the key light and used another light as a rim light shot bare. I really wish that this wasn’t such a last minute ordeal and I really wish I wasn’t rushing to get to my next assignment, because these images could have been a lot better than what they are. I didn’t realize that these were going to be put on display on the large jumbo-tron during this Sunday’s home game against the Houston Texans. A little embarrassed but hey, gotta learn the hard way if you must.

To spare you the embarrassment of my rush, I’ll just post the better images I took from that session. After this experience I have found that I am definitely not a product photographer. It’s pretty hard to make inanimate objects look like they’re supposed to.

Pretty scary turning this power pack on and off. Definitely thought it was going to explode in my face. Thanks, Darby, for teaching me safe practices around powerful packs.

Definitely the best studio ever created by my own two hands.

Gloves… ungodly awkward to photograph. There’s a few successful photos of gloves out there. None of them were taken by me.

Products are rough. I’m out.

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