October 20, 2013 Administrasian

Internship Day 65: Chiefs vs Texans

Today the Kansas City Chiefs played the Houston Texans and I have to say, I think I am slowly getting better at really picking my shots. I’ve noticed that my photo count for my overall game has slowly started shrinking.




I’m being a lot more selective instead of just doing the spray and pray approach and hoping something comes out. I’m starting to feel a lot more confident in that the shot I get is good to begin with rather than just hoping it did so. But I must tread carefully.

Being too full of myself is what will get me into a whole lot of trouble with images, but I’m really starting to not force a shot I don’t have. Again, much like any gameday, I started at the root of the rowdiness; the tailgate.

If you look closely, it’s not actually a lot of meat, I mean, it is, but technically, this is only three steaks and some onions.

“Don’t let these boots wear you, son.”

This man has quite the story. He has built these teepees and has stitched giant arrowheads to them. Each arrowhead is a different year with signatures from every single Chiefs affiliate you could possibly think of. Majority of the players, if not all, CEO’s, presidents, executives, you name it, he more than likely has it. And he said he has three other teepees from all the way back from 1988. Probably one of the cooler things I’ve seen.

Peep the dude second in line. Chiefs version of “The Dude” from the Big Lebowski. “Seven and Oh would, you know, really tie the place together, man.”

I wanted to talk to these fellow Asians SO BADLY. I loved their Chiefs rice hats and wanted to express that to them but their Asian boyfriends looked way tougher than me and I really didn’t want things to get awkward confronting strangers possibly confusing intentions and shooting Asian jokes around a sea of white folk and possibly making myself, everyone around me, and any other Asians involved super uncomfortable. Well, to the amazing crew of Asians sporting these super rad rice hats, I applaud you. Asians in the game, something I get down with.

Flame cannons, bruh. So hot.

Felt so bad for Kansas City Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano. Guy got stopped at the one yard line twice.

“DO A FLIP.” — Bender

I’ve been really trying to execute a shot down the line but it is, at least for me, extremely difficult to do so. There’s so many people in the way, video, refs, sideline officials, so much to look through to get a clean shot.

After shooting for some time I almost felt like a magnet. Plays and interesting gestures from players were happening right in front of me one after one after another.

In fact it happened so much…

…that I forgot to check how close it was actually getting…

“OH !@#$”  Yeah. I quickly realized that my camera would not focus because the subject was too close to me and it doesn’t focus on things within a certain proximity to the lens. I completely forgot to duck, or move, or stop shooting. Fortunately, I still remain untrampled.

…And I thought I was doing fine again, until Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) tossed this ball and I lost it in the sun…

Oh there it is. [duck… wide receiver Sean McGrath (84) lands next to me… in the clear… *flexin*]

All in all, an extremely good day for me in sports photography. 7-0 Chiefs. What a day.

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