October 22, 2013 Administrasian

Internship Day 67: TeamSmile

Today I got the chance to cover the TeamSmile event that was held in Arrowhead Stadium earlier today. TeamSmile is a nonprofit organization that promotes health and wellness to the youth through dental health.




They have teamed up with the Kansas City Chiefs and get volunteers from local dentists and good samaritans alike and give free dental services to whatever children show up. Definitely an amazing program that is put on and how can you not like kids?

Total feel good piece. I’m glad I get to see things like this. I’ve been in the rush of society for so long I almost forgot what it was like to be surrounded by folks who just want to make a positive difference, even if it is only for a day or two.

For most of these images, I either used the windows as a key light (which is the best thing ever, by the way) or I would use the window as a hairlight/rim and use my super old Nikon SB600 flash and bounce off the ceiling/walls for some fill.

The┬áKansas City Chiefs players also happened to come by and pay the kids a visit and stir up some excitement in the kids’ days.

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