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Internship Day 72: Chiefs vs Browns

It’s gameday again, and today the Kansas City Chiefs play the Cleveland Browns.
Much like every other game day, I started off hitting that tailgating culture.




I love when car folk do the little modifications to their rides. Everything is built into the tiny details and these were details I wouldn’t have thought of. I love these Chiefs center caps on this van and especially love the Arrowhead pinstriping. Hats off to you whoever owns this van.

This lady flagged me down as I was walking through the lots. She said that she had just bought this fake beard to tribute Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Sean McGrath (84), the lovely, super large, insanely bearded gent who almost trampled me only one week ago. Big fan of older ladies sportin’ fake beards, as strange as that may or may not sound. 

This gent here said that he had been coming down and tailgating for the past 15 years of his life. He’s accumulated tons of experience, friends, and knowledge on how a proper tailgate was to be had and showed me back to his tent where he had bottomless drink selection, a large display of amazing food, even Chiefs table coasters and napkins. Top that off with an awesome mustache, cigar, and considerate gentleman manners, definitely a man’s man.

Arrow man has been a staple in superfans dressing up as the other team and putting arrows through him. He’s told me he’s been doing it for the past 25 years and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Probably not a good image at all, but I’m just completely in love by how smoke reacts with light and how you can see the cast patterns of shadows directly in the air. Maybe it’s just the photo nerd in me but I find it absolutely fascinating.

Whattup, Sisters.

I think the Rumble gets undersold. The Rumble is the Kansas City Chiefs drumline that walk around the tailgates and play in the middle of crowds as well as play at the beginning of every game. NFL status drumline, they’re pretty damn rad.

The best Batman was the Adam West Batman.

I was hanging on the second floor seats right under the giant canopy of the 3rd floor concourse. It was dark, drafty, completely hidden from the light of the day. This guy taps me on the arm and very quietly  and politely says, “I’m your good picture.” I knew since my settings were exposed for the outside sunlight, I quickly changed settings on the fly, more or less using my photographic knowledge to accurately guess my exposure, popped up my flash (since I had nothing else) and by this point I hadn’t even looked down to look at the guy or my camera, I was just paying attention to the field as I was doing all of this. I just thought it was just going to be another fan picture I get asked to do when I’m shooting from the crowd perspective. After my settings were dialed I looked down at the guy and almost pooped myself. I had never met someone with a Kansas City Chiefs fake eye before and I wasn’t prepared to handle a man with a fake eye staring back at me.

The whole first quarter I spent on the upper levels shooting down. I normally shoot with a Nikon 300mm f/2.8 which is a fairly comfortable lens as far as framing shots, unfortunately, the 300mm lens I normally used was already rented out, so I was left shooting with my own glass. In these past posts, I’ve been shooting the game about 80% of the time with this lens and for everything else I’m rocking my 70-200mm f/2.8. Walking around, my 70-200mm lens is a long lens, but inside Arrowhead Stadium, the 70-200mm is my wide lens. There’s just too much distance between me and everything that happens to cover an entire game with something less than a 300mm lens and it was a challenge I was faced with this game against the Cleveland Browns, So I thought I’d just really push shooting a different way than I normally do. Way wider.

After the first quarter I went back on the field for a little bit and I had to go back up to shoot sponsorship requests on the upper bowl.

Sometimes I wish I had an Afro a sweet handle bar mustache. Then I proceed with my life not committing to such decisions.

Slappin’ those metal plates.

After halftime I made my way back on to the field. Again, since all I had was my 70-200mm I was forced to push the line and try to get as close as I possibly could. If any of you shoot football, you probably know that’s not the easiest thing to do. Being extremely close to the line means that you’re going to have to fight through the sideline officials and staff. To my recent discovery, the Kansas City Chiefs for some reason have twice as many sideline staff than any other team in the league so things get real “in the way” than it usually is. I had to constantly get up and move with every single play and shoot in little pockets that I found in between bodies and legs. A little awkward at times, but you have to do what you have to do sometimes, and if it’s going to be awkward, might as well do it like a ninja so that awkwardness doesn’t resonate to you and the other person.

Just wanted to note that this is my good bud from my hometown and fellow bandmate when I thought I could play guitar in a tough guy band.

Bring the noise.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston (50) forcing a fumble.

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali (91) hunting a gazelle in his natural habitat.

Once the game ended I ran on field to find some interesting interactions and instead ended up basically just running into players because I wasn’t paying attention to proximity while being behind the camera.

Oh snap! Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) is showing off his ballerness! Walked up with my wide angle and snapped off some images. It’s also important to note that with a wide angle lens, you’re actually pretty close to the subject even if the image looks like it’s showing some space between the shooter and subject so I’m probably only about a foot or two away from Bowe.

Then he turns around bumps me a little and I realize I’m completely in his way, and I’ve never felt more like an idiot. My bad, Bowe, professional error on my part to jock your steez.

This guy’s sign on the far left is actually pretty clever, but a bit too detailed for my taste. Clever, but damn, it’s hard to look at.

Only undefeated team left in the NFL. 8-0, son.

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