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After a long period of disappearing completely from the internet I am back, and I’ve brought a ton of goodies. Brand new portfolio site with tons of new work! This essentially means that the blog will no longer host my portfolio work and it can remain strictly blog related which in turn makes everything so much cleaner and so much more organized. Portfolio site will be strictly portfolio, which updates fairly often I might add, and blog site, will be all of my behind the scenes, day to day routines, and me generally killing boredom on the web.

Starting over and starting clean feels so nice. The New portfolio site will be hosted at “travisyoungphotography.com” and this blog will be “blog.travisyoungphotography.com” if you couldn’t already tell that by being here. New projects that I have been working on is my “Kung Fu Movie Stills” which is a Cindy Sherman inspired projects of self portraits and bringing to light, to question, and even satirizing Asian stereotypes. Also on the site my “Garden City, KS” and “Monfort/ConAgra” projects will be introduced with actual work for the first time!

This blog will be home to the doings in my own photographic adventures as well as host a blog within a blog named “Findings” that will be dedicated in showing works from other creators, whether it be through art, music, video, type, anything and everything really.

Check out the new digs, stay awhile, enjoy yourselves.

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— Travis Young Photography

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