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Sittin’ Cool with Bethany & Camera

Yesterday, a girl I know from college, Bethany Hughes, and I were wrapping up a shoot for Austin Walsh Studio. As we were putting away our gear we couldn’t stop nerding out about the light that was coming through. The room cleared and we were the only two left in the room and we had one light left to pack up. So before we did, we decided to take advantage of the situation.




160229_YOUNG_160229_bethany_huges_5918 copy

Bethany Hughes is an insanely talented photographer that I had the opportunity to spend a lot of time developing and critiquing and being critiqued by in college. She’s a huge fan of shadows and she can definitely out shoot you with her iPhone, which she proves time and time again.

160229_YOUNG_160229_bethany_huges_5950 copy

I asked her to sit on the bar where she instantly started laughing and joking about how to sit cool. I’m just going to admit, I’m terrible when it comes to posing, but I told her just to be natural and we’d figure it out. After a few shots she started getting more comfortable and long behold, saw what I wanted and told her to do exactly what she was doing.


Bethany sits cool, you guys.

160229_YOUNG_160229_bethany_huges_5980 copy

We didn’t overthink it, we just let it be what it was. Just real natural and real comfortable. And god, this light. Just harsh enough to create solid shadows, but just barely soft enough to be pretty flattering. Add a tiny bit of fill and bam.




If you have never given Bethany Hughes love, whether it’s on her instagram or website, do it now, or don’t ever talk to me. She’s one of the most talented photographers that I’m fortunate enough to know and a photographer who continues to inspire my photographic day to day. Feed her some love, hit her up for some dope portraits.

instagram @bethanyandcamera

I’m glad that we took the time after a shoot to, well, do another small shoot. When life gives you dope light, you use it. Don’t pass that shit up.

Here’s to making photographs after you just go done making photographs.
Here’s to dope light.
Here’s to girls who sit cool.

I’m out.


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