Early Mornings with Crystal

Awhile back I was approached by a friend of mine, Crystal Garman, dope hair and makeup stylist. She told me if there was ever an opening or interest to photograph that I should hit her up. Right then and there I immediately expressed my interest and we set up a time bright and early at 7am to shoot before I went to work.

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Sittin’ Cool with Bethany & Camera

Yesterday, a girl I know from college, Bethany Hughes, and I were wrapping up a shoot for Austin Walsh Studio. As we were putting away our gear we couldn’t stop nerding out about the light that was coming through. The room cleared and we were the only two left in the room and we had one light left to pack up. So before we did, we decided to take advantage of the situation.

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Rainy Day Rooftops


I was at work at Austin Walsh Studio doing my usual thing on a rainy Wednesday morning. My boss, Austin Walsh, came in and said he has a pretty dope loaner car and tossed me the keys. He asked if I had any rainy car photos in mind and asked me to go for it. Well, I had no ideas, no locations, but if someone hands you a set of keys, you take the shit and run before they decide to say no.

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New Years Escape // Tulsa Vibes

I ditched Kansas City for the New Years and decided to head south. I had no plans, no destination, the only thing I wanted to do was get the fuck out. I tried to hit up anything that seemed remotely appealing, abandoned gas stations, strange sites, hiking trails, you name it, just exploring anything I could with my puppy, Chewy. While traveling I was contacted by a friend that I had known since the 1st grade. He asked if I wanted to come up for the New Years. With nowhere to be and nowhere to go and already halfway to Tulsa, Oklahoma, I decided it would be a good idea to shack up and quit sleeping in my car with my puppy for the trip.

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The Heartland

Holy crap. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything on this blog. Many things have changed in my life and the biggest one of those changes is that I have moved in to an apartment in Kansas City, Missouri with the best girl and best furry little man to have graced the planet. So with the new change in scenery and the resurfacing of my existence to the internet, it is only appropriate that this first post in months to be on local KC clothing love.

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Subtle Kouki

A long time ago I was driving around Lawrence, KS when I saw a red Nissan 240sx stroll down the street. I started geeking out over it because it was one of the few body styles I’ve seen with a Japanese spec conversion in all of Kansas.

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