Rainy Day Rooftops


I was at work at Austin Walsh Studio doing my usual thing on a rainy Wednesday morning. My boss, Austin Walsh, came in and said he has a pretty dope loaner car and tossed me the keys. He asked if I had any rainy car photos in mind and asked me to go for it. Well, I had no ideas, no locations, but if someone hands you a set of keys, you take the shit and run before they decide to say no.

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Praise the Lowered

Last night I headed up to Wichita, KS and visited a fellow by the name of Jon Hanson at his bud’s house. Jon recently purchased a sweet Mercedes 2400 Diesel and it’s a retro wet dream. He anticipated dropping the car by cutting the OEM springs so that it would sit a little bit lower until he gathers the resources to put this ride on an air bag suspension.

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