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Tightly Knit With Sara Kovacic

Awhile back a good friend of mine, Sara Kovacic, reached out and asked to get her portfolio photographed. She said that she had about two years worth of work that needed to get done and I agreed to help her out and make the trip back out to Lawrence, KS.





I met Sara in college. In the time I’ve known her she’s jumped across a handful of majors trying to figure out where her dreams and aspirations were taking her. After killing it in everything she tried, she ended up following her interests in textiles. In a few short years she ended up hammering out a ton of work so the task at hand was a pretty big process.

As we were going through getting her work digitized there would be moments where I would ask her to stand in front of her work while I snagged a portrait. After awhile there would be little pockets of time where I had nothing to photograph and she had a million textile pieces she needed to iron flat so I did some poking around.


What I found was a beautifully lit scene that was actually pretty relevant to who she was. It was the senior studio that held a handful of looms where she would spend most of her time. It was the middle of the day and there was a giant window that spanned across one whole wall that lit most of the room from one direction. I told her when we are done with the task at hand, I had to photograph her in that room. And she agreed.


And it was fucking dope.

We started off simple and stood where the light was best, right next to the window. I completely love the qualities of natural light like this. Insanely intimate and just enough light with an insane amount of shadow. It sets a mood that I just can’t get over. As we shot we decided to venture away from the light and ended up at the looms.


The light had fallen quite a bit, but damn, I just couldn’t get over how amazing everything looked. The light was coming in just enough to make things interesting for me.


Fortunately enough Sara is actually pretty comfortable in front of the lens and was pretty open to me experimenting with this crazy environment and unique lighting situation.


Sara is dope.

She talked to me a little about her work. It’s pretty wild, pretty crazy, pretty chaotic, but ungodly structured and organized, even if it’s not supposed to be. She uses her work like many find reasons to meditate. Her creations are translations of what goes on in a busy mind. Its a solid example of creating to self soothe. Creating for self therapy. Taking the chaos that runs through our minds throwing it into a medium of our choosing. What ends up being is our manifestation of our chaos into structure or systematic patterns. Transferring whats inside into a piece and controlling what is seemingly uncontrollable.

Sara recently had an artist feature at the University of Kansas where she talks about it a bit more in depth in ways I probably am not doing here. They ended up using my images in the article as well!

Give it a read on the University Daily Kansan’s website. (click it, dude!)


If you’re ever in need of a Textile artist, hit her up. I know her current venture is in hand made custom scarfs (which are pretty awesome by the way) but her work is up for grabs if you’re ever interested. If anyone knows anything about the textile scene in the New York, she’s moving to Brooklyn at the end of the semester. Hit her up!


Here’s to dope light in dope places.
Here’s to people who use art as therapy.
Here’s to people who chase their dreams and make shit work.

I’m out.


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