April 23, 2015 Administrasian

Work Break Session w/ an A3 Loaner

A few days ago my boss Austin, (Austin Walsh Studio), had to get his SUV taken into the dealership for some maintenance. The dealership sent him on his way with a nice loaner for the day and the first thing he says when he get’s into work is, “Hey, I got a new car for you to shoot.” That car, would be this diesel powered Audi S3 TDI.




He puts the keys on my desk and walks away. “..shit,” I thnk to myself, “is he for real? Do I actually take the car out for a shoot or is this like a test.” I’m not so sure why I had to think about the decision so much. There was work to be done, aaand there are car keys on the desk.

When someone hands you car keys, just take that shit.

After asking it was really okay, Austin replied, “Yeah, dude, do you.”
So I took the keys, grabbed my camera (which I just happened to have,) and took my lunch break.

As I get in the car and cruise carefully out my brain goes straight to rush mode and I’m out I’m thinking, a few things.

I have like 30m at the most.
I need to find a location, now.
Woah, this high noon light is harsh.

And yeah, I’ve generally avoided the hours of 12:00pm – 4:30pm pretty much my whole photographic life.
I generally shoot people and shooting at this time isn’t really that flattering on human features, but I had this car, I had that time frame, and I had to shoot.

I wasted about 15 minutes finding a location driving blindly around the city. This meant I had 15 minutes left to shoot this car, so a mini session was soon to be had, and quick and dirty it was.


The location was pretty awesome. Everything was painted really dark gray and the ground was new and un cracked. I thought that it went super well with this dark gray/brown/green metallic of the car.

Also to my huge surprise, this super harsh high noon light was actually pretty awesome. I absolutely love the hard shadow lines that the car projects onto the ground, all the lines are crisp and sharp, and the light refracting off the texture of the ground made it extra special.



High noon drama.


Also having the sun directly above I was able to get some lens flare into the interior shot. Still trying to figure out how to shoot interiors and adding a sunroof was a fun little element for me to try to incorporate. Interiors are tricky beasts. You’re really limited to how you can enter your compositions so it’ll definitely take alot of me experimenting to try to solve this.

After wasting about 12 minutes, I wanted one last shot. A roller shot.
I picked the first empty road I could find between the location I was just at and work, ran out of the car and started playing around.


Definitely still new to the world of heavy post-processing, but I figured I need the practice, and damn, was this thing practice.
The leaves were actually in the shot, I literally just through some leaves in front of the camera and shot away and I think it kind of worked.

Asian dude in an alley, squatting down throwing leaves at car.

Just picture that one.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about the results from this hella quicky shoot.
I also learned that harsh light on cars can be just as awesome as it is extremely challenging and unflattering.

And to people who shoot cars in little time, I tip my hat off to you, because 30 minutes total for a shoot was pretty hard and exhausting on my end.

Can’t wait for another good high noon showdown.
I’m out.


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